Let’s think for a minute:
Can you meet now anyone who is not familiar with the Internet?

Anywhere we go – the internet is almost always available and wecan take advantage of it. Many people are spending hours on theinternet. They are searching for news, various consumermerchandise, music, movies, photos etc. That’s the reality.Internet advertising has been developing rapidly for last few yearsand helped establish many names on the market. Is the NAME ofYOUR COMPANY or Your Name one of them?

ZewNatury.comwas launched over 10 years ago and now is thelargest website for Polish community in Chicago, Illinois State andall over United States also in Poland and in Europe. The websitecontains large photo gallery, announcements of events, editorialcomments, many interesting publications, forum and message boardfor all users and visitors and more – everything what is common with “OUTDOORS activity”.

In 2005 over 100 people visited daily. Now there are over 3.000 and you can see how this number has grown 30 times! This is also the number of consumers who could see your ad. We are expecting to grow even more. If you decide that you would like to advertise with us, your ad will be seen day after day after day making consumers aware and familiar with your business.

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